Benefits of learning with Health & Lifestyle Academy

The massage lessons include:

The Basic Strokes • Advanced Strokes 
Specific routines for the Arms • Hands • Back • Glutes 
• Legs • Feet • Neck • Shoulders • Stomach • Face • Scalp

• Easy step-by-step massage technique instruction - Detailed instruction from a professional massage therapist and instructor for each technique and body part. If you just want to learn to how to give a foot massage, then we'll show you. Want to learn how to massage the face, we'll show you how.

• Massage anatomy made easy - Although not required, knowing the basics of anatomy will make you better at massage. And it's a piece of cake with our quick and easy anatomy lessons.

• Hot Spots of the body - These are areas which are commonly 'tight' on most people, some are even hidden. Massaging these areas will earn you big time brownie points.

• Massage Safety Tips - Massage if done incorrectly can actually be painful and do more harm than good, we'll show you where it's safe to massage and where and when it isn't.

• Which massage oils to use and when - Certain massage oils are better to use than others...find out why inside.

• Written copy of the full body massage manual In addition to each massage lesson, each massage routine also comes with a routine, written manual, so it's easy to remember and use. 

• Small classes - Have more fun by learning massage in a small, private, no stress, class, in class has 5 or less students. Individual attention is given.

• Secrets, tips and massage techniques used by the pro's -There are definite reasons why some massages are better than others, you'll learn why and how inside.

• Member support - We'll give you great support and help answer any questions you might have. 

• Certificate - You'll get a certificate of attendance at the end of the course. 

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