Thai Foot Massage Course

The course is endorsed by the Watpo Thai Traditional Medical School. 


Get the real Thai foot massage course.  

This five day course will only cost you R2500,00 per student.

Foot Massage Course - 30 Hours

Study Thai foot massage method that integrate the knowledge of Chines reflexology points with the most relaxing Wat Po massage techniques. Thai massage practically starts at the sole of the lift foot to stimulate the wind element and to balance all of four elements in human body (earth, water, wind and fire). Moreover, pressing and massaging though reflexology points are beneficial to regain and improve activities of internal organs.

Practical session only   

*Introduction to Thai massage and foot massage                   *Precaution and prohibition of foot massage                               *Foot reflexology points - Massage technique, step and  procedure                                                                             *How to welcome customers and give recommendations

Class time: From 9 am - 4 pm for 5 consecutive days unless otherwise pre-arranged.

* Please bring 3 passport pictures 

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